PASS RES Exam Revision Program

This program is distinct from the revision programs offered by schools. It is a private initiative created by David Cheong to support students preparing for the RES Exam.

About Trainer
PASS RES Exam Revision Program

Program Highlights:

Online Zoom Revisions
Our schedule includes one 3-hour zoom session for Paper 1 and one 3-hour zoom session for Paper 2, held 1 to 2 weeks before the exam. 

Additional sessions will be added if necessary to ensure comprehensive preparation and confidence. This ensures thorough coverage of material and addresses any remaining questions.
Comprehensive Question Bank
You will receive 1,000 questions with detailed answers, equally divided between the two papers. 

This extensive collection provides realistic practice, reinforces understanding, and improves exam readiness, helping you identify areas for improvement and build confidence.
Focused Study Areas
Our program ensures a thorough grasp of key topics, emphasizes practical application, and includes real-world case studies. This balanced approach equips you with essential knowledge and problem-solving skills, preparing you effectively for success.  

WhatsApp Support Group

Learning is a lifelong journey that never ends. We are committed to providing ongoing support and fostering continuous interaction to ensure you remain engaged and motivated. 

With our resources and community, you’ll always have the assistance and opportunities needed to grow and succeed.
Annual Pass
Your enrollment provides an annual pass, granting access to all sessions held within a year from your sign-up date. 

You will also receive the most up-to-date notes, ensuring you have the latest information and resources to support your learning and progress throughout the year
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Why Choose PASS RES Exam Revision

12 Years of Training Experience
David Cheong is a Property Trainer has been passionate about teaching the RES Course since 2011.
5000+ Students
Over the past decade, David had the privilege of guiding more than 5,000 students on their journey in the real estate industry.
Practical Case Studies
Being a practising agent himself, David brings a wealth of experience and case studies to the revision classes
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